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I love this game, i only wish it had a full release . it would have been amazing

even this demo is amazing to play <3

This demo has been a joy to play.

I first heard of this game from an article saying it was canceled, and as I'm myself working on another completely unrelated (and much less ambitious) game where you control a flying ship destroying pirates and navy ships in a floating archipelago, I had mixed feelings about it - a mix of "damn, it's a shame it won't be made" and " phew, glad I won't be in competition with this much nicer-looking title". After having played the demo, though, I can only say that I'd have loved to see the full version.

This is a demo done right : the user experience of navigating your ship is (mostly) slick, the simple customisation options for the ship sold me on it early on, all the necessary components are here, the less immediately enjoyable progression/grinding part has been left out, and it ends leaving you wanting more. Perfect.

So, I wish you all 4 devs good luck in your future projects, and thank you very much for making this demo available !

How can the developer be reached?

please consider a kickstarter. it is an amazing game.

Pity, I was intrigued when it first appeared. Did you consider a kickstarter at any point? I would have funded.

Played the demo... and oh man, i would sell my kidney for the possibility of getting the full version... They just don't make them like that these days...

Congrats to your team for getting so much accomplished in the face of such adversity, and best wishes to all of you in your current and future careers! 

So sad to hear, I was waiting and hoping that something would come from this.

I read the sad news. very much appreciated on what your team has done and made. I hope a another company can take over the project and see what they can make.

very sad to hear what has happened to this project, but "from the ashes" n all that!

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How can someone get in touch with you guys regarding the game? Is there an email address I can reach out to?